dv2610us works all perfect

I wanted to use this site to say anybody whose have the same computer as I do that most linux biggest distributions can work perfect since middle 2008, I use ubuntu and since 8.10 there is no need to install nothing, only you have to active nvidia driver and it's done. Also I tryed Suse working good. Until now, I still use linux, It works great for me.

HP: I want next time I want to decide which OS do I get, don't be hard.


Great, but will it be on the shelf when I want to buy.

HP needs to be putting a sticker on their offerings that indicate if the machine has been tested to be fully functional with "Genuine Ubuntu" (Linux), and include the disks in the box that are known to work with the particular computer. Better yet, preinstall the OS's on the computer as a dual boot and let the end user choose what he or she wants to use. This lack of choice when it comes to installed operating systems has to end.