HP-Presario CQ60-116EE laptop; works

I would like to confirm that I have a perfectly working Linux installation out of the box for both:

- Ubuntu 9,04 Desktop 32bit
- Fedora 10 Desktop 32bit

suspend to memory works after I have enabled the nVidia driver 180.xx



HP should be providing the list of models that work with Linux

End users shouldn't have to be buying and testing HP's computers for them. HP needs to submit their machines to Canonical if they are actual partners for testing in regards to OS compatibility. To do anything less is very unAmerican.

Hello .. clear focus is

Hello .. clear focus is better to install the dirver 185.xx uqe distribution does not matter for how to install, you have to
CTRL + ALT + F1 or F2 (Be careful of what you are working) and write console

Sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop here you shut gnome
Sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux .... sh * initialize the drives, and as in the windows you put ejeje <> and out And after you install service to start

Sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start here you shut gnome

The drives work perfectly with a pair of errors to correct but perfectly! ... disfrutalos playing UrbanTerror jejej

Hola.. claro mira es mejor instalar los dirves 185.x.x no importa para uqe distribucion la forma de instalar los, tienes que orpimir CTRL
+ALT+F1 o con F2 (Ten cuidado con lo que estas trabajando) y en consola escribes

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop aqui apagas gnome
sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux....sh Inicias lo drives, y como en el windows ejeje pones <> y sale te instala y depues para inicar

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start aqui apagas gnome

Funcionan perfectmente los drives con un par de errores para corregir pero perfectamente!... disfrutalos jugando UrbanTerror jejej

De nada

thanks, I will give 185. ver.

thanks, I will give 185. ver. a try