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Imperial examination system in people's minds the sacred up, breaking the son of an official system of each other, admitted going to pass the exam will be considered to have a skill, white Qing Xiang Wu Zetian strongly advocated the result is what makes nike free run pas cher everyone regardless of origin are To accept the unified examination, a "phase this will be no species, Tall in the saddle" situation.

Wu died last before a political will was designed by Aiwan temple, owned by Ling, go to Dili, saying that "the days of the Great Sage Queen", designed by Aiwan temple is on his own ancestral temple of the Tang Dynasty, is to go back to the Tang Emperor's Mausoleum Qianling, go to Dili is improper when the days of the emperor Story queens, we at first glance appears to be a compromise Wu Zetian, back to the Queen's position, and appears to be a compromise, but the clever compromise.Wu Zetian's second contribution of economic policy, making people also flow up. Before Wu Tang has a land distribution nike free 5.0 v4 deconstruct system is the land equalization policy, the central principle of land equalization policy is bound to put peoplenike free powerlines 2 femme on the land, how much land by thy name, to the end of the year according to indicators of land taxes to you, you have to give me free providing labor, the role of farmers have also helped binding effect. Later, more and more strong binding effect, people have been tied to the land, to be honest to stay on the land, had a great economic bondage.

Wu Zetian relatively liberal policies implemented, the registration system is no longer carried out slowly, no inventory account inventory of land, people can migrant workers, the government can go to other places no control pioneers, many people enter Luoyang, Yangzhou, a small nike free 4.0 v2 pas cher cities like trading, urban and rural economic flows up, the country's economic capacity, land utilization nike free 6.0 hommeare strengthened, and her economic policies also make up the economic activity, creating a doubling of the population 50 years of achievements.