Ubuntu Management Component Pack for ProLiant Released (v9.25)

Thu Feb 7 07:39:19 PST 2013 Palo Alto, California

In support of our growing partnership with Canonical, HP is pleased to announce the release of the latest Management Component Pack for Ubuntu on HP ProLiant servers. This release (v9.25) includes new versions of agent management software which let you control and monitor HP-specific hardware components. You can configure your HP SmartArray online, monitor your hardware health with the HP System Management Homepage, or setup snmp traps for interesting events. The Management Component Pack is an essential group of utilities to help you manage Linux on your HP ProLiant servers.

To download and install these packages, simply point apt at the HP Software Delivery Repository (SDR):

Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

then apt-get install the components you'd like to use:

    # apt-get update
    # apt-get install hpacucli # hp array configuration management utility, command line interface

Debian packages included in this release (apt-cache search hp | grep ^hp):

  • hpsmh - HP System Management Homepage
  • hp-snmp-agents - Insight Management SNMP Agents for HP ProLiant Systems
  • hp-smh-templates - HP System Management Homepage Templates
  • hponcfg - RILOE II/iLo online configuration utility
  • hp-health - hp System Health Application and Command line Utility Package
  • hpacucli - HP Command Line Array Configuration Utility
  • hp-ams - Agentless Monitoring Service for HP ProLiant Gen8 Systems

    Making Linux simply run better on ProLiant,

    Craig Lamparter
    HP ProLiant Linux R&D