Linux has its place

Linux has its place and I think that is the server world. I am sorry to all the fans that want to struggle through the desktop headaches of running a Linux box. Correct me if I am wrong but it just does not keep up with the major programs that everyone needs to work on in their day to day personal and work lives.

As a musician I tried installing the Debian release when I had little money and did not want to fork out the big dollars for some of the other programs like Cubase and Logic. so I installed Linux and Rosewater and was quickly on my way to creating music for free. That was short lived when I had to find a way to make money it just made sense that I would do that on a computer. You just can't get the programs you need consistently on a Linux box.

However, on a brighter note I host both of my sites Annuity Rates and financial advisor on a Linux box and I couldn't be more pleased. Its a dedicated box and I use Drupal as the CMS and I have no problem finding my way around and find it to be an amazing OS. I am sure that is because I am not trying to sync my IPhone, install a printer, or run a business.

Linux rocks but it has its place. For the rest there is Mac!


Linux is fine

I sync my iPhone, install printers & sit back and watch many individuals run a business w/ Linux on the desktop. We have an entire county government running Linux both server & client side here. It's about what you know w/ Linux. You can know everything there is to know about Windows & be a total n00b with Linux simply because it's different, not less capable. There hasn't been a single application that I have not been able to run on Linux from the Win32 side. I run MS Office @ home on Linux, my bro runs Quickbooks & Photoshop CS4 on Linux, just 3 years ago I played all my games on Linux: FFXI, WoW, HalfLife2, Unreal Tournament, etc..

Most tutorials & books show you how to run the server side of Linux but you can't just conclude that this is all Linux can do. If you're lazy then the distribution you choose means the world when it comes to what you can install w/o doing a spec of work. Debian is one distribution that you'll have to do some research into to make it run the latest & greatest. Use Fedora or Ubuntu(derived from Debian) or OpenSUSE if you want that.

It just comes down to knowing what you're doing. You can't say food sucks just because you don't cook well.

Linux is Reliable

It is rare to see Linux on client side but when we talk about servers then there is none other than UNIX ot LINUX. The problem is that you will feel problem in finding out drivers for the hardware devices. This is the reason that it is not being used commonly for personal use. You can find information on various issues on ArticleWorlddb