Call for Participation - Ubuntu Friendly

Just recently, I discovered the the "Ubuntu Friendly" hardware self-validation program for desktops, netbooks and laptops has gone live. For more details, visit:

And what I am asking for is a call to participate from this great community for giving back to the larger FOSS community. If you find that your
model of HP system is not listed there, please take a few minutes and follow:

It's really rather painless to do, and even works from a LiveCD so that you don't have to install anything.

To submit the results, you'll need to have a Launchpad account.

P.S I've also asked some Canonical folks to see if a server-centric query program and site be made available as well, so will keep you informed as to that status, too


Hp Compaq NC6000 Driver Linux

Hi all

I have laptop HP Compaq NC6000, I have installed Ubuntu 10.04, try setting sensor
for temperatures cpu, fan, cmos battery, and other, but is impossible configuring
this chip sensor.

Do you know if there are drivers linux/ubuntu for configure, setting sensor chip?
Which driver to use?