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Call for Participation - Ubuntu Friendly

Just recently, I discovered the the "Ubuntu Friendly" hardware self-validation program for desktops, netbooks and laptops has gone live. For more details, visit:

And what I am asking for is a call to participate from this great community for giving back to the larger FOSS community. If you find that your
model of HP system is not listed there, please take a few minutes and follow:

It's really rather painless to do, and even works from a LiveCD so that you don't have to install anything.

To submit the results, you'll need to have a Launchpad account.

P.S I've also asked some Canonical folks to see if a server-centric query program and site be made available as well, so will keep you informed as to that status, too

Real-Time Linux support survey

A pointer to ...

Real time extensions to Linux kernels are being adopted by customers to provide more deterministic responsiveness to real world events, such as high frequency trading at Financial Services companies or radar processing in military systems. HP works with both Red Hat and SUSE on Real-Time Linux certifications but more resources are required if we are to certify more servers sooner and proactively rather than in response to specific deals. In order to properly size the market please take a moment to complete this quick 7 question survey which will help us determine the need and funding required for delivering certification support for Real-Time Linux.

CentOS 6.0 released on July 10, 2011

For the latest release ( ), just encouraging this community's members to try it out on the various platforms.

Fedora 15 released on May 24, 2011

For the latest release ( ), just encouraging this community's members to try it out on the various platforms, and don't forget to submit the smolt ( ) results at the end of the installation to help others.

Testing new hardware support for Debian 6.0.2

Saw this request regarding some Debian driver backports, and hoping community members here might be able to help out with some testing: (see Mon, 23 May 2011 entry for details)

Ubuntu User-Experience survey

Noticed this in some LoCo forums ... may be of interest for users here to contribute

When your interaction with other Ubuntu users is entirely made up of developers talking about bugs they need to fix and users seeking support (IRC, forums, bug reports), your perspective changes. It's hard to get a good idea of the big picture. What portion of users are hitting problems in what areas? How do users who've reported bugs
feel about the experience? How are the local community teams doing? That kind of stuff is hard to wrap your head around without metrics.

To that end, a bunch of members of the Ubuntu community have worked together to create a survey that'll help those of us working on various parts of Ubuntu understand where we need to improve and how we can do better.

If you have an opinion on Ubuntu, please take 5 minutes to fill out the following Ubuntu User-Experience survey:

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