Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS Server to be Certified, Supported on HP ProLiant Systems

Having just installed Precise on my HP workstation, I was excited to see the finalization of full support for Ubuntu on ProLiant! HP and Canonical have removed the nebulous "will it work?" question when choosing unencumbered operating systems on HP hardware. Us HP employees are also HP customers, I know I've wanted to see this support for a long time (as an hp hardware and Linux consumer in various divisions in HP). In the past, we've had to go with expensive alternatives in order to satisfy the real or perceived "neck to choke" requirement. Choice == good.

Official press release:


Certification matrix:




Ubuntu on Proliant - Management Support


Has anyone seen any releases on how quickly the management packages will be updated for Ubuntu? These are the packages that HP puts out for management and monitoring. I realize there are Debian packages, but it would be nice to see packages specifically for the platform. We are going to be deploying a bunch of Ubuntu servers on HP Proliant hardware in the near future.

We're coming up with a new

We're coming up with a new packaging method for each distribution. The commercial distributions will get a "Support Pack for Proliant" and community distros will get a "Management Component Pack."

Either way, we'll use the "Software Delivery Repository" so you can yum/apt-get install these components:


Example pool for Ubuntu: