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Installing Fedora 13 on HP mini note 5102

This would be a really short blog since Fedora 13 is smart (read: Advanced) enough to hit the ground running on HP mini 5102 netbooks. The only tweak you might have to do is installing wireless driver from Broadcom. Marvell Ethernet NIC works fine out of the box on Fedora 13, thanks to 2.6.33 kernel.

For wireless, here is what you need to do:

You basically have 2 options:

1- Install the driver manually
2- Install it through RPMfusion

I cannot think of any reason why you would want to go with option#1 since it'll make you do the drill every time you have a Kernel upgrade, which is quite common in with most Linux distros. If you still want to go with option#1, please jump to the end of this page.

This is how you can install wireless drivers using RPM fusion:

rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh

Installing RHEL5.x / CentOS5.x on HP dc7800 (Duo Core 2.4 / 4G Ram / 80G 7200RPM HDD)

Just installed RHEL on HP DC7800 machine and it works well. The problem only problem I encountered was when trying to boot up the system first time through RHEL5.2 CD1 and it got stuck at:

ACPI: ............ bus is 0 (sorry for not catching the exact message)

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