Call-to-Install ( testing Debian squeeze )

So with the impending release of Debian Squeeze (6.0) just around the corner, I was hoping to enlist the aid of this community to do some installation testing prior to the release. While this forum's focus is for the ProLiant platform, I'm certainly not going to discourage trying other platforms.

If you do happen to have the time and equipment access and are willing to help with ProLiant testing, here's a suggested process:

1) Visit

and setup an account there to modify entries as appropriate. (FWIW, this is also linked to from this site in the Compatibility Matrics portion)

I've seeded the Squeeze section with a couple of examples of ProLiant platforms that I've tried, so feel free to pick one a model that you have access to and give it a try.

2) Use the installation media (corresponding to your most often used architecture) cited on:

NOTE: you may need the additional non-free firmware blobs:

or you can also try unofficial cd-including-firmware images:

3) Generate a row in the wiki for a system that you have access to in the Squeeze section, filling out the relevant columns.

4) As you do the installation, if you have issues, feel free to report these via the methods noted in:

5) Regardless of success or issues found, finish the columns in the row
for the platform you tried.

Happy testing !