Thoughts on Linux Transition

Which brings me to writing this one. For years I’ve been using varying versions of Windows as a so-called power-user, starting off with Windows 3.11 and hitting every single OS Microsoft has thrown at us since then. And of course, I have some resentments of my own regarding the redmonds and their – seemingly inferior – products. But I learned it to be that way, and that’s not easily cast aside.

Come as it may, some years ago I first took a peek into the world of UNIX, and some of its more popular offsprings, namely the Debian, SUSE and – much later – Ubuntu distributions. I never kept one for too long, though.

So, after reading jacks post about the differences between Windows and Linux, I started to wonder again why I didn’t manage to stay on, say, Ubuntu, which is in my biased and narrow-minded opinion by far the most suitable distribution for migrators.

After giving it some thought, it came down to the fact that I wasn’t able to do things on Linux the way I know them. Everything I tried ended up in me, digging the appropriate distribution’s forum and Google for a how-to or the solution to a more specific problem. While this seems indeed narrow-minded, like ‘how can he expect to know everything from the start and that everything works out-of-the-box’, it’s the way it is. Most of us spend 6-8 hours asleep, 8-10 hours at work and maybe have a family on top of that. No coffee or a single meal included. Do the math. I for myself cannot afford to put hours after hours into my OS to make things work that never were a problem before – mounting an external USB-drive, setting up or mounting (samba) shares to interact with my necessary Windows-clients. I’m not denying it that it is my lack of in-depth knowledge of Linux or UNIX in general that causes this, and neither that it bugs me from time to time I’m unable to pull it off, but that’s just how it is.

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I always said cynically “I’m trying Linux again once they reach final”, and I’m still sticking to that, predicting that the one Linux distro that manages to really implement the “easy as Windows”-feeling will succeed in getting the folks to migrate. It will probably succeed in getting me migrated, but right now, I’m putting my knowledge into my Windows-OS for an extra punch of productivity denied to me by the otherness of Linux.


I've been using Linux for over 10 years, and I'm very pleased

I find the Linux Distributions that I have used over the past 10 years (SuSE, Mepis, PCLinuxOS, Sidux, and Ubuntu) to all be very user friendly and productive. Coming from a Mac background, I always found Windows to be most miserable and very lacking. I left it after 98SE, and it was the happiest day of my life. I bought an HP notebook (Presario CQ60) with Vista on it, and found it to be a horrible OS. After trying it for three weeks I found it just wasn't for me. I think it's ludicrous for HP to force all end users on to Windows. Likewise, it would be stupid for HP to force all users onto some flavor of disabled Linux.

HP needs to "man up" and offer consumers real choice. I'm desperate for a Notebook that is OS Independent. I would like the touch-pad shut off button and all the other function keys to work with Linux the same way they work with Windows. The Acer Aspire One 10.1 netbook meets this goal, but many other Acer machines do not.

What we need from HP is a nice low price point note book that functions nicely with some fully functioning flavor of Linux., I would be very pleased if it was "Linux Certified" by Ubuntu, SuSE, or some other major Linux distribution.

To date HP has fallen very short, and acted in a very un-American way. Even this forum is dedicated to some "HP sever" not end user consumer products. Forcing Windows down our throats while offering some alleged "Linux" without access to the software repositories is despicable.

I hope HP starts delivering home computers that offer genuine choice when it comes to operating systems. As it stands now, HP has a very sick corporate policy. Let's see if they have the guts to let this post stand.