List of Ubuntu Validated Laptops and Netbooks

HP only has two minis that are Ubuntu Validated. It looks like HP is falling behind the curve, and consumers most likely will have to look to Dell to provide for their Linux needs. Apparently Dell is more pro freedom of OS choice.


i bought my hp pavillon dv7

i bought my hp pavillon dv7 2060ef seven month ago (with windows vista home premium 32 bits).

on Linux (ubuntu, fedora, opensuse, mandriva, etc...) i had many sound problems, and fingerprint problems. Now the things are getting better, on lucid lynx alpha 2 the sound works perfectly.
And when I will need a new laptop, I know I will buy a HP.

HP G60-235WM Notebook PC -- Loaded Ubuntu 9.10

I bought an HP G60-235WM Notebook PC from Wal-Mart with OS Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit that crashed and burned every week for two or three months until I realized Microsoft was NEVER going to get it right. -- So I loaded Ubuntu 9.04 -- which actually almost loaded itself, and played with the wireless (wifi) to get it to work, and everything works fine. I use OpenOffice and FireFox browser anyway so what is the problem? HP makes a fabulous computer (always has). This is my second foray into Ubuntu and I love love love it. Ubuntu rocks.