List of Ubuntu Validated Laptops and Netbooks

HP only has two minis that are Ubuntu Validated. It looks like HP is falling behind the curve, and consumers most likely will have to look to Dell to provide for their Linux needs. Apparently Dell is more pro freedom of OS choice.

Presario CQ 60 doesn't work that great with Ubuntu

Specifically the touchpad on/off button does not act as a hardware switch. It's not functional in Linux. How hard is it for HP to build a touchpad that can be turned off or on through hardware? You would think that after all these years, their engineers would know how to build a functional switch.

Thoughts on Linux Transition

Which brings me to writing this one. For years I’ve been using varying versions of Windows as a so-called power-user, starting off with Windows 3.11 and hitting every single OS Microsoft has thrown at us since then. And of course, I have some resentments of my own regarding the redmonds and their – seemingly inferior – products. But I learned it to be that way, and that’s not easily cast aside.

Come as it may, some years ago I first took a peek into the world of UNIX, and some of its more popular offsprings, namely the Debian, SUSE and – much later – Ubuntu distributions. I never kept one for too long, though.

So, after reading jacks post about the differences between Windows and Linux, I started to wonder again why I didn’t manage to stay on, say, Ubuntu, which is in my biased and narrow-minded opinion by far the most suitable distribution for migrators.

SLED 11 EliteBook 8530w


I installed SLED 11 on my computer HP EliteBook 8530w,
ATI Mobility radeon HD 3650 was recognized, but this doesn't work fine.
I tried to install ATI Catalyst 8.583, however it dosn't work.
Do you know some tip's to configure video drivers on HP 8530w ?

Drivers 4 linux now please!

Very nice that HP put a page for aid to Linux, but continues selling their laptops with Windows and does not create drivers for distributions to which seems to give support.

I have a HP Pavilion Notebook dv6-1110ss, and the sound stinks, I got the sound working, but not very well, and sound via HDMI there is no way.
The partial solution of sound:

Installing RHEL5.x / CentOS5.x on HP dc7800 (Duo Core 2.4 / 4G Ram / 80G 7200RPM HDD)

Just installed RHEL on HP DC7800 machine and it works well. The problem only problem I encountered was when trying to boot up the system first time through RHEL5.2 CD1 and it got stuck at:

ACPI: ............ bus is 0 (sorry for not catching the exact message)

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