The purpose of this portal is to promote an active community of like-minded users that are interested in running Linux distributions like Asianux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu on HP ProLiant and Integrity servers and for sharing the latest information, tips, best practices, issues and resolutions

Drivers 4 linux now please!

Very nice that HP put a page for aid to Linux, but continues selling their laptops with Windows and does not create drivers for distributions to which seems to give support.

I have a HP Pavilion Notebook dv6-1110ss, and the sound stinks, I got the sound working, but not very well, and sound via HDMI there is no way.
The partial solution of sound:

Installing RHEL5.x / CentOS5.x on HP dc7800 (Duo Core 2.4 / 4G Ram / 80G 7200RPM HDD)

Just installed RHEL on HP DC7800 machine and it works well. The problem only problem I encountered was when trying to boot up the system first time through RHEL5.2 CD1 and it got stuck at:

ACPI: ............ bus is 0 (sorry for not catching the exact message)

Debian 5 and DL-380-G3; works

I have perfectly working installation of Drbian 5.0 lenny out of the box on our HP-DL380-G3 server.

I have used the boot bios option of the Raid controller to configure the HD Raids (mirror and Raid-5); and Debian recognized them and used them during the installation with no problem.

HP-Presario CQ60-116EE laptop; works

I would like to confirm that I have a perfectly working Linux installation out of the box for both:

- Ubuntu 9,04 Desktop 32bit
- Fedora 10 Desktop 32bit

suspend to memory works after I have enabled the nVidia driver 180.xx


dv2610us works all perfect

I wanted to use this site to say anybody whose have the same computer as I do that most linux biggest distributions can work perfect since middle 2008, I use ubuntu and since 8.10 there is no need to install nothing, only you have to active nvidia driver and it's done. Also I tryed Suse working good. Until now, I still use linux, It works great for me.

HP: I want next time I want to decide which OS do I get, don't be hard.

Otros idomas

Bueno, quisera proponer que este en otros idomas, por hp no solo vende en paises de habla de ingles empezado por Español quisera que nos organizemos y ponerlo en los diferentes idomas y asi mismo todos podamos compartir las experiencias, soluciones y preguntas sin importar el idoma ahora bien porfavor pongan su resectivo idoma..

y latima que no lo pueda colocar en General/Miselauns


Español - Latinoamerica

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